Currently in Production:

MrWonderful Crop Poster

Meet Jenna, who just got out of a relationship and decides the best thing to do to get her mind off of her troubles is to jump back into the dating pool.   She goes on some strange blind dates, and is about to give up on the dating scene when she eventually meets someone. Is this intense handsome stranger the man of her dreams? Will he take her on an amazing physical journey?  How ‘wonderful’ is this new man really?  Is Jenna putting herself in harms way? He might just take her on the ride of her life.


This is Gates of Serenity Films first short film. We started principal photography on January 16th, 2016 and completed Photography on February 6th, 2016. We are currently in Post Production working on getting this short completed for film festival submission by April, 2016.

Director: Tricia DePinto


Cinematographer: Heidi Kikel


Our Main Actors

Jenna: Kitty Ostapowicz


James: Joseph Masi


Mike: Patrick Conboy